Image created using EarthVision® software and data courtesy of Dynamic Graphics, Inc.

At 4D GeoViz, we bring geology to life.  Through data analysis, interpretation and 3D and 4D visualizations, we provide data-rich, digital models of subsurface geology.  High-resolution graphics provide valuable insights into the earth’s structures, the rock formations, their juxtapositions and the unique zones where oil, gas and mineral deposits form and persist.  We use state-of-the-art geo-modeling systems and digital graphic simulations to analyze subsurface data to spatially define the volume and location of deposits.

Through our professional services, we assist clients involved in exploration, drilling and management of field operations.  Our services include:

  • Data Collection Planning – developing optimal plans for defining geospatial extent, data quality and digital display of key plan elements
  • Data Organization and Formatting – integrating geophysical, geostatistical, well and other data into datasets that are organized and formatted for efficient analysis, interpretation and documentation
  • Analysis and Visualization of Geospatial, Seismic and Well-Logging Data –geologic visualization in space and time to characterize geologic properties, determine geometric structural relationships and apply a toolbox of advanced high-resolution analysis tools including Dynamic Graphics’ EarthVision®, WellArchitect® and CoViz® 4D with full 3D display and projection
  • Geomodeling for Simulation of Field and Flow Conditions – determining multiphase fluid volumes, resource volume estimates and enhanced oil recovery strategies
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery – with water flooding and CO2 injection
  • Consultation – providing experienced geoscientists with breakthrough approaches for solving problems, optimizing resources and increasing productivity
  • Project Management – offering Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) and best practices for organizing, planning and executing complex projects

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