Client Solutions

4D GeoViz provides creative, cost-effective solutions for clients in the onshore oil and gas, mining and associated environmental industries to mitigate technical risk.

Adaps Seismic Processing ImageProblem:  4D GeoViz will help when data types and coverage are insufficient for planning a cost-effective exploration and development project.

Solution:  Based on an assessment of data needs and project goals, we will recommend an effective plan for collecting and integrating seismic, geological, well and other essential data.  Through subsequent analysis and visual displays of the data, we will provide a basis for determining if available data is within risk tolerance parameters for requesting project approval.

oilrig01Problem:  Optimizing multiple well paths with lithologic variations at the project site is challenging and costly without a good understanding of hydrocarbon and mineral distributions within the rock formations.

Solution:  Using geospatial results from seismic studies, wireline, and stratigraphy, 4D GeoViz will plan well paths through the digital geologic framework.  We will provide guidance for resource location, drilling depths and directions, supporting development of a drilling matrix with vertical and horizontal pathways.  Our decision support can contribute to project cost savings and enhanced risk management.



Problem:  Identifying drill locations and pathways for secondary recovery requires effective monitoring of development projects and credible  data-based decision support.

Solution:  By displaying petrophysics, 4D seismic and/or micro-seismic data on the same grid as production simulator results, we will help clients better understand production declines. Our graphic displays can help in evaluating prospective locations for secondary recovery applications. Visualization of the data will support development of efficient strategies for optimized recovery from existing wells.

By presenting new insights to the geology, we support effective communications among project participants involved in management, geoscience, geophysics, well drilling, and engineering.