John Smoot, PhD.

John Smoot, PhD.

4D GeoViz, LLC was founded by John L. Smoot, PhD, a licensed geologist and licensed hydrogeologist with 25 years of technical and management experience conducting geologic investigations and characterizing, modeling and evaluating resources.  Dr. Smoot is the principal consultant and technical lead at 4D GeoViz.

Dr. Smoot has managed complex projects involving drilling, pumping, monitoring, testing, reporting and regulatory compliance for Fortune 200-level companies and smaller firms.  He has managed large international efforts, including projects in Russia.   His expertise includes conceptualizing, characterizing, and simulating subsurface fluid flow.  He specializes in three-dimensional geologic analysis and defining  and developing the interface with drilling.  He is a PMI® certified Project Management Professional and speaks English, Russian and Spanish.

Dr. Smoot’s experience includes the development and testing of technical methods to better understand the relationship between data collected during drilling and reservoir simulators in order to better identify the distribution of hydrocarbons.  His methodology has included the application of three-dimensional geostatistics with Dynamic Graphics software to produce more accurate reserve assessments.  He has been a co-developer of hardware and software innovations and assisted in deployment of new technologies.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Smoot conducted geophysical surveys and computer simulations with the U.S. Geological Survey.  He also analyzed multiple pay zones within the Williston Basin.